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Just keeps getting better and better.

Thank you so much! 

This game is great. I found myself deeply involved in the story, the characters are so loveable and the art is stunning. The music fits perfectly to the game. 

Even if our character doesn't have a face I really like the way you carved their personnality, the charisma is overflowing ! 

I have a soft spot for Finn, I'm really impressed by how you can create a character so attractive and irresistible overall. I'm so looking forward to the next chapter ! 

Thank you for playing! 

Loved this one!

Thank you :) 


this is incrediably good! Thank you so much! I'll probably gush more about this later XD I'm only on chapter 3 aiming for Alkar. All the characters are very interesting, can't wait to play everyone's routes. Well, not usually interested in poly though. So maybe not those routes. Anyway, this is great! Glad I found it!

and I actually think I will enjoy the poly relationships just because these characters are just so fricken unresistable. One poly relationship in particular is just so fricken amazing. both of them are attractive and they are so cute together toooooo


This game is amazing! That is all.

I'm loving this game! It's so good!!!!


I'm eagerly looking forward to the new chapter every month and am never disappointed ! I love the writing style, all the characters and the new secrets that are revealed with each new chapter. One of my fav VN ! Going back to waiting now... xD

Thank you!!

I have you a new video and am sorry about what happened with the other one? it said an hour when it uploaded but only showed two minutes? I should have figured something would happen but oh well. Anyways here's another video for you to laugh at.


how many chapters will there be?

Will this cool game play on the phone?

The scene where you let Finn read your mind is lovely.

I LOOOOVE THIS GAME. You literally created a world in now I want to live in. With August,he's my fav, no question.<33

I made a video talking about When the Night Comes!

I'm actually back and I unfortunately could not do both chapters in the same video as i wanted which is sad because now it's not just a cliffhanger for me. though I did make it somewhat dirty it's maybe R16+ which i think is good for my normal standards. Anyways thank you for the amazing game and I truly cannot wait to see what you have in store!


Finally a chapter to romance Finn, Alkar, and August.... 

I have been blessed this month  ಥ⌣ಥ

Hey I just played your game last night and I'm so hooked! I hope you'll release the next chapter already!! <3

I am horrible at writing comments but I just wanted to say brillant!

 The characters are stunning. The backgrounds are well done, beautiful to look at but not too distracting and the music adds the perfect touch to the story.

I am so happy to find this amazing game and can not wait for it to be fully released!

Hi Devs! Are the poly scenes to be unlocked later or can we see them as early as the festival? 

I already tried out all of the non-poly routes. Amazing game so far! 


They’ll be unlocked in Chapter Five! 

Awesome. I'll look forward to it! 

Tell me please this game will be released at Steam? I want to have it in my library))))

We’ll be releasing the full version on Steam when the game is complete! 

Thanks) It would be great.


Normally I won't play episodic vns, and infrequently demos, as I am impatient and tend to lose interest if too much time has passed. The art here was just too pretty to pass up and now it's my favorite vn. I look forward to the release of each new chapter and getting to know the characters and story a little better.

You guys have really done a great job! The backgrounds, character sprites and cgs are all truly beautiful and fit the setting well, and the writing for both the story and characters themselves has been interesting and entertaining. More than enough to keep me checking in for the next chapter!

I really do love all the characters, but my special favorite is August (with Ezra as second). They are all great though, and I can't wait to get to know them even more!


Oh my, I can't believe this game is actually a free download O_O
Bit of a bummer that I missed the deadline for the writing job, but I look forward to the final product once it is ready :)


I love this game, I love all the characters! Finn in particular is startlingly seductive, and I love it.


How many chapters will this game have and how much will it cost in the end?

The game is completely free, and we’re looking at about ten chapters. 

More time with handsome Finn, and I could listen to the music for hours.  Thank you.

With the current amount of chapters done, I think it's a good moment for me to start the game, but I'd like to know something before getting into it.

Does the game have 6 individual romances and among the 6 characters 2 pairs can also be part of a poly relationship if you want to play in such a way, or is it ONLY possible to get some romances if you go poly, and you have 6 main routes aside from that? While I like poly routes sometimes, it's quite rare and I tend to avoid that - so I'd like to know so I can plan what I do in the game XD

Anyway, can't wait to get into it! Seems very promising!

I believe they are separate! I asked on tumblr a while back and the devs said each character can be romanced individually. If you are romancing one of the LI's with a poly option (Finn/Ezra or Omen/Alkar) you will get the option to pick one or both.

(correct me if I'm wrong) 

Okay, thanks!

We essentially have 8 romance options if you include the two poly romances! 

You can romance the 6 main li’s separately, OR choose to enter one of the 2 poly romances :) 

Okay! Thanks - nice to be sure!

Oh okay yeah that clears things up for me. I plan on doing every route seperately, and in one of them I want Ezra all to myself ;> 

Hi there! is there a schedule for when the chapters come out? Or is it "its out when its out." I know chapter 4 just released but just curious!! THank you! LOVE this game!


I believe they put out a chapter per month

i can't download chapter 4 for mac

It’s definitely there! 


Chapter 4 is coming out soon you guys! So excited :D

Is Ezra poly? 

Yes! The poly route would be with him and Finn!

Oo so if I went Finn or Ezra I'd get them both? Nice two-in-one there ;)


You don't have to, but in the next chapter the option will be there to enter in a poly relationship with them or pursue just one of them :)

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Omgoodness please I want more, no, no, I NEED more. When is more coming?  *pouty face* Alkar hurry back to me!

there is gonna be an update march 2nd!



Wow, so much praise for this game. I can't wait for more chapters. I admit, I feel insta-love with Alkar. Love me a snarky, cute werewolf. <3 But honestly, all the characters seem wonderful and i look forward to getting to know them.

I do admit, I'm really thrown off by Gust's use of they/them. I get the whole thing, but I still read it like the dictionary they and them, and it really makes dialogue involving the character hard to swallow. (yes yes, let the world yell at me)

The story and world are both fascinating, and I really want to dig deeper into this mysterious case of murders. And get me some more of that flulffy wolf tail. >83

Also, props to the main character. He/She/They are a really well written and likeable invisible MC.

This game is absolutely amazin. The art is breathtaking, the story telling is phenomenal, and the characters are all intriguing.  I've played a handful of otome games, but it has never been a genre I've been very into- BUT I love visual novels. I saw many peope who enjoyed The Arcana (which is really the only otome game I actively play, in all honestly) reccomend this game so I thought to check it out. When I found the game, I'll be honest, I was mildly reluctant to download it because I feared it would be twilight-esque. 

I'm extremely happy I gave this game a chance though. Not only is it diverse, interesting, intriguing, and every other adjective between, but its a game I have genuinely lost myself in. I lose focus easily due to ADHD but this game held my attention from the moment I started it to the tiem my dad forced me to turn off my computer to sleep.

I could go on and on and on about this game for hours but I'll save everyone the time and not. 

TLDR; this game is diverse and interesting and I highly reccommend it if you're into visual novels.

(Side Note: I will more then likely be posting a youtube video about thi game so I may share it later on this same comment)

I'm very much enjoing the game and it's characters, the art is stunning and the soundtrack is very appropriate and it isn't intrusive.

Thank you for your work and keep at it ! <3

I have played a lot of otome games over the years, and let me tell you, I have never been so completely charmed as I have been by one Mr. Ezra Lyon. He is a witch, indeed, because there HAS to be some sort of witchcraft involved. XD 

Honestly, all of the LIs are charming in their own right and that's hard to pull off with a diverse cast. Kudos to you guys for such awesome characters!

Story is very interesting, especially with the recent chapter addition. As the saying goes, the plot thickens! I have some suspicions about what's going and while there's one obvious culprit I think the situation is far more convoluted going on behind the scenes. I want to put it here, but if I'm somehow impossibly right, I don't want to spoil anything.

Although, of all the hundreds of questions I want to ask, there is one I'm hoping you guys won't mind answering? If not, I understand, but it's killing me. Please, please, tell me we as players can help Ezra and August be friends again. Or at least influence them in some way to stop being silly and talk to each other? They're my two favorite characters at this point. It's killing meeee.

On that note, I love being able to talk to everyone and getting little surprise insights into other characters through them. And that despite whoever we're flirting with, ALL the other characters are there and have meaningful interactions. It's something that's lacking in other games that would have made a good game great. 

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this! It really shows, and I am HOOKED. Hook, line, AND sinker!

I really can't until the next chapter!

This game is so full of suspense!

You can't trust anyone because everyone is hiding something! I can't wait to uncover their secrets!

Alkzar was fun to see what he would do particularly since i was trying to figure out who was missing from them but i think all of them were there except Harry so i'm waiting to see if I'm right.

Really beautiful art style and I love myself some nice murder mystery. And I love all these awasome characters, my favorites are defenetly Finn,Piper and August. The only thing that put me off is the MC, they feel kinda typical otome protagonist with their blushiness and uselessness, they felt more like a novice Hunter, than an experienesed one. Defenetly looking forvart to full relese and with you luck.

Another great chapter.

Hello! I'm really loving this game so far, definetly going to buy it when all of it comes out :D. I noticed one minor thing though; in some cg's, Omen has claws while in the one from the third chapter and his sprite do not.  Other then that, I haven't noticed any errors. The CG's are all beutifull and the backrounds are fantastic! Thank you so much for this awesome game

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