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Oh gosh, where do I even begin with this? Oh... why is everyone in this town so IMPOSSIBLY, DIABETIC-COMA-INDUCING CUTE?!?!?!? I love every single character in this Visual Novel, they're all my precious babies and need to be protected at all costs.

But, fangirling outburst aside, I do love this story to bits. So far, easily my favorite VN of 2019.

I've currently played through Finn, Ezra, Finn&Ezra and then August and I am overwhelmingly attached to everyone in the town (even the characters that get less spotlight, like the twins or Harry). Everyone is "outrageously cute", as our darling Hunter so eloquently put it. I found myself wanting Finn and Ezra to end up together even while playing their solo routes, because they were so darn adorable! Omen and Alkar are just heart-meltingly cute together and I can't wait to play their solo routes and then their joint route, and see how far I can tease them.

But, aside from the very well done romances that didn't feel forced or fake in the least, I found myself completely absorbed in the story itself and the world that it presented. That's usually what I look for the most, in a VN, and this one didn't disappoint. I got everything I expected after seeing the supernatural characters it presented, and even more than I hoped to get. The humor is on point, never overbearing and always a good, subtle way to diffuse the tension. The thrill and mystery of the plot - while permeating the entire storyline - are never forced down the reader's throat. Instead I was allowed to use to my own brain and come up with theories about what would happen, or who was to blame... and I loved having to think through the story, rather than being given all the information on a platter from the start.

Long story short, I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter with baited breath. I am incredibly grateful to the development team for sharing this incredible work of art with the world. I wish you all nothing but happiness and all the best. You have made me into your unwavering fan, and I will eagerly be looking forward to the completion of this story, as well as any other future projects from the team.


I can't wait until the next chapter!

I love your game so much, just everything about it! ❤


Perfect <3 I like that I'm not forced into (for me) uncomfortable situations... haha (nervous laughing) ///

I got so much more than I expected from this game. Honestly some games are just romance and they got nothing else going on which can get tiring but in here I find myself sometimes more interested on what is going to happen with the narrative more than I am interested in romancing other characters which is not to say they are not good because that it's not the case at all, I have a hard time trying to decide who to choose because I want them all. This is a great game, so glad it's free <3

Thank you for playing! 


One of the things I appreciate most about this game is that the other characters don't stop caring about you just because you don't romance them. In a lot of games it feels like if you don't romance a character then they wouldn't care if you live or die. This feels like a real family, and the fact that affection isn't contingent on romance makes me like the characters even more. Romance is important, but it's not the only kind of relationship. This game does a wonderful job with it's connections, romantic or otherwise, and I can't wait to see how they evolve from here. 

(not to mention they do the romance part really, REALLY well)

Thank you so much for your kind words :) 

Never thought I would say this, but I can't wait until I have enough money to actually pay for this game! Honestly all your writing and art are incredible. It brings me so much joy to play this, it is immersive and beautiful in every way. I think I speak for many of us here when I say all your passion, blood, sweat and tears are so appreciated! This is the gift that keeps on giving!

That’s so kind! Thank you for playing! 

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Im only in chapter 2 so far and i swear my main reaction to every cg ive seen is hes gorgoues or there gorgeous. ITS JUST TO DAM PRETTY. I love it so far. and i dont know if this will bite me in the but later but ive already flirted with like 4 of them lol. Cause I like them all so far.

Thank you! We hope you enjoy the rest 

Finn is unbelievably sweet.  Might have to replay with Ezra.  Thank you for all of your hard work.


Thank YOU for playing! 

I just found this game, and first of all: It's wonderful. The character designs and artwork take my breath away, and the writing is so wonderful It just sucks you right in. The music with the way it just brings it all together, it's all so good. I don't have any words other than just, wild hand gestures, honestly.

Second of all (Spoilers for Chapter 2 and 3); I had a funny coincidence with the name I choose for my character, which had me start a new save just to speed through it to make sure it wasn't some time-travel hint. Then of course immediately laughed uncontrollably for about a minute when I realised that I really just lucked out naming my character the same as another.
Not sure if that's funny to anyone but me, but it made my day and I wanted to share. 

Thank you! 

Chapter 7 hype!!

I may have actually cried a bit with August in the newest chapter. They are just too good for this world <3

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I went to download the newest chapter but I have a mac. 😭😭😭

oof same. the actual sadness :(


It’s the second link in the downloads! Sorry, it wasn’t labelled for some reason :) 

It’s there, it just wasn’t labelled. Sorry! 

i got it working, so dw :)


I just finished Chapter 7 and AAAA I love it!! <3 The wait was worth it! It started out sweet, then heavy and oh man, the feels. Piece by piece, the mystery is on the way to being solved. I'm glad that everyone's efforts are paying off. Of course, the scene after waking up was one hell of a wake up call ;) Haha, joking aside, this story is THE BOMB. Everything is so good!! Once again, kudos to the team <3

Thank you ✨


wow WOW you got into the top rated that's amazing!!! :O



Alright, so I finished all 6 chapters, and oh my god, the fricking FEELS!!! I am a person who LOVES polyamorous relationships and have always wanted to be in a serious one or play as one, but I have never found a game where you could be in a poly relationship, so here I was, romancing Finn (and having a huge crush on Ezra), and suddenly I get the option to romance BOTH OF THEM. OH MY GOD I HAD TEARS!!!! So, I clicked the option, got the whole dialogue, and started sobbing dryly. You are an AMAZING game creator, and you have no idea how important it is that you put not one, but TWO polyamorous relationships in your game.

Not just that, but the story is AMAZING! I would wait until the day I die for you to come out with another chapter because of how amazing this game is! Keep it up, sweetie, you are doing great, and I can't wait for the next chapter, but if there ever is something emotionally or mentally that pops up, don't feel like you're just delaying the game or anything, your feelings and emotions are more important than this. Anyways, have a wonderful day/night, and take care of yourself! <3 <3 <3


Thank you for your wonderful comment! ✨

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omen is SO CUTE!!! how is progress on chapter seven? love the music!


I'm on Chapter 3 right now and I am IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME!!! It took seconds for me to fall for Ezra and Omen. Can anyone tell me how your decisions impact the game? From what I can tell, they only affect whom you can romance. 


I was unaware that this visual novel was incomplete and spent 4 hours doing a run-through before internally screaming at the end of chapter 6, because I thought I got a bad end. I'm absolutely in love with this game. The characters are all amazing and it's the perfect length so far. Nothing is rushed, but it also doesn't drag on or feel tedious. The art is amazing, the writing and editing are so precise and you can really see how much effort has been put into this. It's an absolute delight to be sucked into this storyline.

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I must say, I'm absolutely in love with this game. the artwork, the story line, the characters, it had me hooked since I started playing it. I honestly wish there were more vn's like this, as types like these really draw my attention and keep my hooked, always wanting more. I can not wait for chapter seven! So, I shall sit in impatience until then.

I went for August first, and coincidentally ended up choosing they/them as my pronouns! I have to say, August took my heart by the third chapter, and the scene of actually getting together with them was heartwarming and made me happier than happy. It was a beautiful first run through of the game! I also went back and replayed through all the other routes, and I have to say, I loved them all!

I fell in love with Finn and Ezra.

If you're apprehensive on installing this vn, I really suggest getting it. WTNC is one of the best I've come across (I haven't played many, but it's my favorite so far), and the first one I'm ever actually commenting on. Shocker.

Thank you to the WTNC team for making such a beautiful and wonderful game, with such beautiful and wonderful characters.

Lots of love,

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Usually i don't try incomplet visual novel, but the story, the art and all of these wonderful comment you have make me want to try. And boy... i really enjoyed it ! I love the fact you can don't have to chose between Omen and Alkar... :3 The other route aren't too similare and it's very interesting to have their 'point de vue' (sorry i don't know how to write it in english). I will wait with impatience for the next chapter. You have done a great job, it will be in my "coup de coeur" !

This game is amazing! I usually have one or two favorite characters and then play the others just because I have ocd. But I love them all. I even love the group parrings, which I didn't think I would. The art is beautiful adn the story is wonderfully written. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter to come out. Thank you for writing this!!!!


Must have more Fiero.  Its highly neccesary and needed.  


This game is fantastic!! It's just so good on so many levels. Stellar writing, gorgeous artwork, and you have no idea how happy I was made when I was given the option of they/them pronouns and that polyamorous relationships were an option. Thank you so much for this wonderful creation, I can hardly wait for the next episode. <3

Thank you for playing! ✨

So, there seems to be a lot of elements with this one. especially with answer choices. Is there no official or even unoffical walkthroughs for this? Google comes up kinda empty.

oh this looks super cute, what is the romance like?


I've played through all the chapters so far and it starts you off slow with the romance for about the first three chapters but then picks up after the fourth chapter. I personally really enjoy it, especially the mystery involved. It's definitely worth trying it out.


Honestly?, I usually stick to one LI no matter how many times I play through a game, but with this one I keep getting tempted to try other routes. They all seem so natural that it's hard to figure out who the original route is. This is just my opinion though but here are my thoughts:

I've tried Alkar, he is the type who's unsure why anyone would choose him. 'Cause of this he becomes extremely territorial (well, knowing he's a lycan that's kinda not a surprise). Well, not exactly territorial, but more protective, especially for those he care about. He's sweet without the intent. He's a bit childish and aloof, in an endearing way. He's definitely the 'delinquent' type.

Next I tried August. They are the 'didn't-know-what-they've-been-missing-until-they've-found-it' type. There's one word that my mind straight-up described August as I was playing their route. They're passionate. Enough said. As far as I've seen (which is up until the 'fireworks scene')They admire MC very much and it shows.

I tried the first parts of Finn, Ezra, and Omen's. I didn't finish not 'cause it's not as good as the others but because I tend to lose track of the mood and atmosphere of the story I was originally playing. So don't hesitate to try out theirs. I don't trust myself enough to write about the three of them knowing that I haven't exactly got them to 'open-up'. It isn't fair to those who have so I'm going to leave it at that and suggest you find out for yourself. ;)

Anyway, I played as She/her. I'm not sure if that somehow affects how they treat you but...yeah...


Wow I discovered this game yesterday. I must say I was apprehensive about downloading a game with LGBT themes and such as I am a straight female who usually sticks to certain types of otomes, but I am amazed at how beautiful this game is, visually and story wise. The characters are all loveable in their own sense and you don't feel forced into choosing certain options that you don't want to. The story progression is well balanced and I just love it overall! (Btw I thought I got a bad end when chapter 6 ended but then realized there was still development happening for chapt. 7 ) xD

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed! It’s a game for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual preference ❤️


This is so damn good, I appreciate you WTNC team! I can't wait to see the next chapter and replay other routes.


Thank you :) 

The new chapter was amazing. Made my day more enjoyable. Can't wait for the next one!

Thank you! 

This game is absolutely amazing! I loved August's route something terrible and I know for sure that I'll be doing a replay. Everything going on in this story is very intricate and I think I've pretty much figured out what's going on, especially after chapter five and six. I won't spoil anything but again this is amazing and great job!! Thank you for this game!!

Oooo well done! We love it when people start unravelling the mystery 👀❤️

I really love the idea of the story and its flow. I also enjoy how relatable the mc is with his thoughts and such. Another idea I quite enjoy is how the game doesn't seem repetitive when it comes to exploring the other characters routes. I enjoy every bit of seeing events play out from their own unique perspectives. I really can't wait for the next chapter.

Thank you for playing :) 


i really like this visual novel i think Finn and Ezra have to be my favorite characters, I love the art work and the story line im glad i found this visual novel, cant wait for what you do next. 

Thank you! 

I thought I was going to like August the least because of their stoic intro, but they're such a blushy bby and i love them so much it hurts, Omen is also my precious bun and as embarrassing as it is i cant wait to see if my little shy demon spices up a bit >:3c

Lowkey glad its 18+ because the story and characters are so sinfully good I can't help but want some s t e a m

Thank you so much for playing ✨

Is it made by humans? The game is incredible, I can't imagine how you do it. Thank you so much!


We can neither confirm or deny if we’re humans 👀

This is amazing! The story is so intense and interesting, I freaked out when I reached the end of the latest chapter. I love the characterization, everyone has their own quirks and they're adorable. I adore my weird family. The art is wonderful, I just instantly fell in love with everything and I can see that lot of effort was put into making each scene and character distinct from one another.

Looking forward to the next chapter, much love to the team! <3


You’re so kind! Thank you ✨


Have to say...created an account for this...that alone speaks volumes on how much I love this game.

Admire the dedication ;) Thank you for playing! 

Eyyy...Don't thank me yet! I'm not done replaying...y'know? just so I could live with my beautifully weird and unique family lol

This new chapter was amazing.. Seriously... My partner was so enlighted by the way you tell us the story that I can't help but fall in love even deeper for them... Really, you did a great job and I can't wait to see what's next... 

Thank you so much ✨

So good!  Is this music in the cloud anywhere?  I'd like to share some of it with my friends.


When is chapter 6 coming out been looking forward to it and this is such a good visual novel  really like the art work and the story line, love all the characters finn and ezra have to be my favorite people in the story , cant wait to see what yous do next.

It's supposed to release today! So best keep an eye out. :)

yay its finally here thank u 

Not a problem! The tumblr keeps the date then the next release comes out, so I suggest keeping an eye out over there. :)

will do thanks again 

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It's difficult to count how many times I had to deal with disappointment when events of an interesting story suddenly escalated into a climax and everything ended far too early for my liking - just as things were beginning to actually get good.

 I feel like I need to say this now, because at this point this turn of events is the only possibility that really worries me. Because everything is so great, it'd be unrealistic to hope for things to keep being this great for long, you know? 

Just saying. I hope like hell you are not going to wrap things up too soon.

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