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When The Night Comes is an episodic fantasy otome game with supernatural elements.

You are a Hunter, and you’ve been called to the quiet town of Lunaris to assist the local Enforcers with an investigation into a series of increasingly unsettling murders.

Immerse yourself in the world of Witches, Vampires, Demons and Lycan's as you slowly unravel the mystery that lies deep within the roots of the town.

The question is, are the creatures of the night the ones you should really be afraid of? 

You might even fall in forbidden love along the way.

R18 for harsh language (rating will be updated with further warnings as the game progresses)

  • 6 individual romance routes
  • 2 polyamourous romance routes
  • Player chooses their own pronouns
  • No gender-restrictive romances
  • 6 or more Unlockable CGs with every chapter
  • Hunter collectibles
  • A wide and varied range of dialogue options in every chapter that help you choose your path and mold the story depending on what choices you make
  • Your choices matter from the start! Choose wisely... 

Lead Artist: Anna T.
Writer, Coder and Community Manager: Kris W.
Artist, Coder, and Graphics/Animations: Tiffany P.
Music: As credited in-game

Email: whenthenightcomesgame@gmail.com
Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon

Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDark Fantasy, Otome, supernatural


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WTNC Chapter One + Two (Version 2.0) 401 MB
WTNC Chapter One + Two (Version 2.0) 400 MB
WTNC Chapter One + Two (Version 2.0) 407 MB

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More great music, and I'm really getting into the story now.

Will we get to shape our protagonists' personality as well?

The art is beautiful, the music is entrancing, the atmosphere overall is mystical and magical, and I'm effectively hooked. and I look forward to further chapters! 

I have just discovered this gem and all I can say is: fantastic work! The art is beautiful, characters are interesting, the story is captivating. I wanted to thank you for this experience and I look forward to further chapters!

Love so much. you put alo of love into it and i am so waiting for the next chapter

also i made a video of chapter 1 and forget too love you then as well. oops

I just played the second chapter and i absolutely loved it! i just hope that the choices of the player become more diverse in personality. apart from that I'm totally into this game.  eagerly waiting for the next chapter!

I like it so far

Sorry to bother, but is there no longer going to be an option to download for Windows?

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Do you have any idea of how many chapters the full game will be?

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The art is beautiful, the music is entrancing, the atmosphere overall is mystical and magical, and I'm effectively hooked. Good start! I'll go check out Chapter 2 now. Didn't know is was out already)

UPD: Aww, the plot thickens! And I like the characters more and more (except August, of course).  I have a good feeling about some of them - a particularly good feeling. I also hope that pursuing someone won't lock you out of interacting with other characters too much. I'd rather like to have friends as well as RO's.

Note: There is something weird going on with Omen's art. His sprite is wastly different from the CG's (the sprite's chin seems too big in comparison), and the CG's portray him just as differently (actually, when I saw him in Ch2, I thought for a second that is was his twin sister in the doorway due to eye and brow shape XD). It's like he can't decide what he wants to look like.

Thank you for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed. Pursuing a romance with someone won't reduce the interactions with the others. The romances will run fluidly alongside the main story and serve as extra scenes. 

Regarding Omen's art, we have two different artists that work on the game. One who does our sprites, backgrounds and some of our CGs, and another that just does some of our CGs. Due to this and their different art styles there will be some slight differences in characters appearances between the sprites and the CGs, and also where we may choose to switch up who does what characters CG in each chapter. We are all also still learning and actively trying to improve our skills/art as we go, as we are very new to this :)

Thank you so much for your feedback, though!

I really liked the first chapter. the characters, art style, music and concept are all very interesting. I'm eagerly looking forward to the second chapter.  when will it be released? and how can i access it? will i have to separately download it or the game will get updated automatically? please let me know and keep up the good work. i see great potential within this story and plot. 

Thank you! The second chapter actually released today. Download instructions are on the download page :) 

oh great! Thank you for reverting back! 

How do I activate the auto-forward mentioned in the preferences?  I couldn't seem to find mention of a hotkey for this.  Thank you!

You can only skip forward if you've already played the game through. The 'skip' button at the bottom of the dialogue box will be clickable after this. 

I don't want to skip any text, I'd just like to turn on the auto so the text boxes will play by themselves?  I assumed since it says "Auto Forward" in the preferences that this is something the game could do?  I don't know a lot about the functions of Ren'Py, sorry.  Anyway, if it is possible to turn this on it would be nice for my carpal tunnel.


There are few VNs that capture me quite like this has. All the characters are charming and I look forward to playing all the routes. The end of chapter one came far too soon! Looking forward to the rest of the game. Do you plan to release it slowly by chapter, or will there be one final update with the entire game in the future? Either way, I'll be keeping a close eye on this. :3

Thank you so much for playing! Chapter One was an introduction to the characters, but the following chapters will be longer and more story-driven, we promise ;) 


Just finished the first chapter and  I can't wait for more. The background music is very nice.  I liked the characters and that you can choose your preferred gender. Can't wait to play the rest of the chapters

Thank you for playing!


Hey! First of all, let me say that I absolutely loved the first chapter.  Seriously, I’ve played it twice and I am probably going to do a third run. Ezra and Alkar? Amazing. But I’d like to ask, would you be open to feedback of the constructive variety?


I've only been playing for about 5 minutes, but I'm blown away by the fantastic music.

We're glad you like it!


I recently started the game and it's so good! I'm just curious in when the second chapter comes out?

Thank you! Chapter Two is available now :) 

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It's a rather short introduction, nonetheless it had captured me to the universe of Lunaris and its gorgeous denizens.

*pssst, the promise of" forbidden romance" that actually allure me to the vn :D*

And... is that CG Preview I saw in this page a potential polyamorous route of Kazimir and Lyon??? *hyperventilating*


So happy to hear you love our world! 

There will be a Finn x Ezra polyamorous route in the future :)



I absolutely adored the cast of characters, perhaps one of the few VNs i've played where I didn't inherently dislike one or more of the characters. The world feels nice, and I know I'm going to like hearing and seeing more about it. I cannot wait for the next chapter, I just know it will be amazing. 


Thank you so much! This makes us so happy to hear :)


I just played the game and god i love it! I'm really excited for what will happen next. I don't know what character to choose, they are all lovely xD. 
I think the story will be very interesting and it's well written, even if i have difficulties with english i think the text is good.
The background is beautiful even if there are some mistakes on some elements, especially in the tavern like the bottles that we don't quite understand or the drapes that are maybe incoherent. And there are some perspectives problems. But it's good quality anyway, and i love the style.
The illustrations are very good. It's so cool to see such quality from not professional persons. I'm just a little sad that they are in vertical on the PC, i wanted to put some of them as my wallpaper but it's not horizontal.
I hope that it'll be useful for the futur. I really love that game and i expect the following with quite excitement.


Thank you very much for playing!! We're so glad you enjoyed, and thank you for your honest feedback, it really does mean the world to us and we hope to improve on little things like this going forward :) 


Apologies for the gauche question, but is the game always going to be free or once a certain amount of chapters are released will it become commercial?  If it's going to become commerical, will it be a flat price for the whole game or will we have to pay separately to unlock particular chapters/characters?


The game will always be free! 


The music is awesome, the art looks amazing and I already want to know more about the characters and the universe! I'm excited to see more ♥


Thank you!


I am incredibly enchanted by this game! It is absolutely a phenomenal job you did there!


Thank you so much!


Enjoyed the quirky lot of characters you wove into the story. I really enjoyed the cameo appearence and, introduction on first meeting said characters. The background music was thrilling and, intersting to see how it transistioned from scene to scene.

Thank you for your support! We're glad you enjoyed the game :) 


Is there any chance you'd introduce more wlw options?


At the moment we have no plans to add any more romanceable characters to the game. We're really very proud of Piper and her arc, but we're really sorry if this is something that disappoints you. We hope you stick around and give us a chance! 


Its more that as a lesbian i have very few choices here, whereas ppl who are into dudes have four.


I'm desperate to play this game but when I try to open it all I get is a white screen, does anyone else have this problem and is there any way to fix it?


We haven't had any reports of this issue sorry! Feel free to email us with further info at whenthenightcomes.game@gmail.com


The first chapter was so amazing!! Keep up the great work. I have no doubt that chapter two is gonna be fantastic!! :)


Thanks so much! 


it's been such a long day and i felt so bad but this definitely made a difference in my mood for the better!! fantastic work guys i can't wait for chapter two!!


Thank you! 


This is so fun!! I'm already getting my drawing things to get my fan hunter Blair drawn!! I can't wait to decide who he's going to romance


Glad you enjoyed :) 


Well done, can't wait for the next chapter and I still have no idea who I want to pursue first, I'm conflicted haha

Thank you for playing! Hopefully the next chapter will help you choose!


This game is so fun! I'm really excited for further chapters. I noticed there was a typo when the Hunter is meeting Finn and says they've met a few "resonable" vampires. Regardless, I loved this chapter and I've been following the game for a while. I'm very happy it's so cool. I love the art! I love the characters! I love the music! You're great!


Thank you for pointing that out! We'll be sure to get it fixed. So glad you enjoyed!

I've been trying to download the game for Windows, but I keep getting a failed download saying the file is forbidden. I'm able to download other things, so I know it's not a network issue. Is anyone else having this problem?

Sorry to hear that! We haven't had any other reports of this happening, lots of people have played successfully. Some antivirus software can interfere with the download and file itself, if you have one installed you may need to temporarily disable it. Can you possibly send us an email with a screenshot of the error? It's whenthenightcomes.game@gmail.com 

I was downloading without being signed up to itch.io, so maybe that was it. I also turned off my firewall for the time being, and I managed to download the file without an issue! Just in case other people have the same issue, try signing up for the site first xD

I enjoyed the first chapter. Can't wait for more!

Thank you! 

Fantastic work!!!

Thank you so much :) 

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Does the team have an official name? I mean the dev team.

Also I loved the first chapter! You guys really did an amazing job with the character intro. Omen <3

Thank you so much! We're working under 'Gilded Trash Studios' for the time being :) 

I approve, I love, I stan my bby Ez and Fin. I will romance them both, sweet lord I love this...

Thank you!